Why 5?

$5 may buy you a cup of coffee… or it will feed a child in South Africa for a month.

$5 may buy you a cup of ice cream… or it will provide education to a child in Haiti for ten days.

$5 may not be enough for a movie, but it will provide two meals to a homeless friend, two books to a child in need, or a pack of stationery to a school-aged child.

“I love feeling that what I do makes such a difference.”

“You’ll know your hard-earned donation has gone where it can do the most good, almost as if you delivered it there yourself.”

“It will instantly connect you to a million volunteers around the world who share your vision and concerns for the earth and other people.”

Why not 5?

We all have a choice to make in each moment of our lives. We can choose to satisfy our temporary needs at that moment, or we can choose to make a big difference and bring meaning to others’ (and our) lives. With only 5 dollars per month, you can bring hope and joy to someone’s life. Let us embrace the Power of 5 with our loving heart and kind acts!