What is the Power of 5?

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The power to make a difference in a person’s life.
The power to make a difference in a community.
The power to change the world.
The power to change yourself.

By giving a small recurring monthly donation of $5, you can help support life-changing services, relief efforts, and charity programs around the world. Join us today.

The Power of 5 is powered by Tzu Chi Foundation, USA, a 501©3 non-profit charitable organization that provides food, shelter, monetary assistance, disaster relief and community services with the support of more than 120,000 supporters in 80 chapters across the United States. Click here to read the welcome letter by Tzu Chi USA CEO William Keh.

Make a Difference with $5

Tzu Chi: Taking the guesswork out of giving since 1966.

Be confident that your entire donation will be used efficiently, compassionately and wisely. Know that only people in real need will be served. Share the joy of selfless celebration, the warmth of grateful giving, and the satisfaction of meaningful action. Join a dynamic team of ten million that refuses to give up on any living being, or any opportunity to make the world better.

The Power of 5 gives people an easy way to support many life-changing services, relief efforts and charity programs. A small recurring donation of $5 gives each of us a powerful way to make a real difference, whatever our background, nationality or economic status.

The Power of 5 is also a practical reminder of an early lesson from our founder, Dharma Master Cheng Yen. Some 45 years ago, the first supporters, a group of 30 housewives, used simple bamboo banks to “collect” people’s kind thoughts and kind acts.

“I hope each time you get ready to go grocery shopping, you will take 5 dimes from your grocery budget and deposit them into the bamboo savings bank,” she told them. “In this manner, even before leaving the house, you have already made a commitment to help others. That means, within one month, you would have made thirty personal commitments to show compassion to others. This is different from a monthly payment of 15 dollars, where you only think about helping people once in a month. Saving 5 dimes each day not only raises money for a good cause, but it also raises an awareness to lead a thrifty life with compassion. And as you put these good intentions in the bamboo bank, the long term effects will be tremendous.”

Those small donations by a handful of housewives grew into a global movement with over ten million volunteers and supporters, that helps tens of thousands of people in need every year. It demonstrates how even a small amount can have a major impact on people’s lives. It also serves as a daily source of good thoughts, good acts and inspiration.

Thank you for joining us as a member of The Power of 5 international community.

The remote countryside is stricken with poverty due to illness and populated with orphanage due to illness. If living in a healthy family, these less than 2-year old kids would be spoiled and pampered. On the contrary, these kids seem mature for their age when they hold their own plate, sitting under a tree with other kids to feed themselves.